Fire Collective specialises in providing Fire Engineering Reports for new and existing buildings throughout New Zealand. Fire Engineering Reports utilise C/VM2 (Verification Method) or an Alternative Solution approach to provide a fire design based on qualitative or quantitative analysis to meet the requirements of C1 – C6.

Fire Collective works with Clients, Architects, Designers, Engineers and other stakeholders to ensure that the client’s building meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code in relation to Fire Protection.

Some of the major sectors we have designed fire safety for include:

  • Educational Buildings (Schools and Childcare Centres)
  • Hospitals and Health Centres
  • Coolstores and Packhouses
  • Multi-Residential Buildings
  • Restaurants and Night Clubs
  • Commercial / Large Office Building

There are several assessment options for existing and new buildings, such as assessments against Acceptable Solutions C/AS1 to C/AS7 or using Verification Method C/VM2 to take advantage of non-standard design options.

An alteration or extension requires a more complicated review of the whole building: requiring the expert judgement of what is as near as is reasonably practicable (ANARP) to upgrade. We have the experience to achieve the right balance between the cost and safety of upgrading existing buildings.

So whether it’s a general enquiry about fire safety or you have a project under development, please give us a shout. We would love to help out.