Fire Collective undertakes building inspections to determine the existing level of Fire Safety against the NZ building code for Fire (C1 – C6) allowing:


Fire safety Report

The information captured is used within a Fire Safety Report on buildings undergoing alterations, Change of use, earthquake Strengthening

Critical Information

Provides the building owner with critical information relating to the safety of their building, offers valuable information to enable long-term building upgrades / feasibility assessments

Snap Shot

Provides insurance companies with a ‘snap shot’ of the building’s Fire Safety to determine their associated risk and to plan building upgrades

Benefits With Our Service

A comprehensive report is formed showing the existing fire-safety elements of the building and where they sit in relation to the NZ Building Code standard. A list is also created to enable the reader to easily see the building’s non-compliance items allowing a strategic plan to upgrade during the building’s life

What we look for onsite:

Fire Safety Inspection

So whether it’s a general enquiry about fire safety you would like some direction on or you have a project in development, feel free to connect: