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FAQ: Our aim is to turn around general Fire Safety Reports within two weeks (10 working days)

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As all projects differ in size and complexity therefore each project is priced individually. However, the good news is that we aim to get a fee proposal to you within 24 hours.

Our aim is to turnaround general Fire Safety Reports within two weeks (10 working days).

For us to compile a Fire Safety Report within the least amount of time, we require the following:

  • New Build – a project scope and a full set of plans (site, floors, elevations, cross sections)
  • Existing Building – a property file, existing plans, existing Fire Safety Report and photos

Yes.  The following fire safety matters will need to be organised with the relevant suppliers as we do not provide these services:

  • Emergency Lighting equipment plus an electrician to install it.
  • A Fire Alarm System.  To be designed/purchased, installed and certified.  
  • Passive fire elements such as fire doors and windows.
  • Evacuation procedure or scheme.
  • Additional fire safety design advice.



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